Blue Monday

Introducing our ‘Blue Monday’ food platter box—immersing your day in a wave of introspection and reflection. This box cover captures the essence of a serene and contemplative mood.

Whether you’re seeking solace or embracing the beauty of a melancholic melody, our ‘Blue Monday’ box adds a touch of tranquility to any occasion.

Let the calming hues and subtle design evoke a sense of peace as you indulge in delectable treats and cherish quiet moments. Experience the enchantment of ‘Blue Monday’ and let it transport you to a world of gentle beauty and heartfelt contemplation.


Choose your platter:

None Bounce Back – 4 recovery pils before/after party +$7.20 Chocolate Milk Bar – Juan Choconat +$7.50 Confetti pop up 10,4*4cm +$4.00

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