About Delovery

Welcome to DELOVERY, a place where we deeply believe in the act of giving. We are more than just a typical business; we are a “business with soul.” Our purpose is to connect with a greater sense of meaning and social awareness by creating a business model and initiatives that benefit others.

At DELOVERY, our driving force is the desire to spread kindness, love, and gratitude, all in the effort to foster a more compassionate and understanding community. We firmly believe that each act of kindness sets off a chain reaction, which is why we go the extra mile to make a positive impact.

When you choose to send a DELOVERY gift box to a friend, you are not only sharing joy and warmth but also contributing to the betterment of our community. We actively collaborate with local charities, ensuring that a portion of every purchase goes towards supporting those in need. Your act of kindness has the incredible ability to uplift lives and bring about meaningful change.

We extend an invitation to you to join the DELOVERY movement today. By selecting DELOVERY, you are not simply receiving a beautifully curated gift box; you are actively participating in a movement that embraces the power of giving and making a difference in the lives of others.

Together, let us celebrate the art of giving and work towards building a world brimming with kindness, love, and appreciation. Come, join us on this journey of spreading joy, one gift box at a time.

Welcome to DELOVERY – The Art of Giving.

Every purchase supports 'Food from the Heart'

Join us in our mission to support ‘Food from the Heart,’ a charity organization in Singapore that provides meals to those in need. For every box purchased, we contribute $2 towards this noble cause.

Food from the Heart is an IPC-status charity established in 2003 that provides reliable, consistent and sustainable food support to the less fortunate through food distribution programmes.

Spreading joy and helping others

Join our Collaboration with YR Bakery When Sending a DELOVERY Gift Box

Baked by inmates, each piece of cookie represents an opportunity for them to earn a living and support their families in the future. When ex-offenders are successfully reintegrated, they can pay it forward and actively give back to the community too. As individuals, or as a community, our collective effort can build a safer and more inclusive society.

Yellow Ribbon Bakery aims to enhance the employability of inmates and ex-offenders by equipping them with baking skills, knowledge and good work attitudes.